My name is Danielle. I'm a mediocre homemaker, an enthusiastic wife, an avid chick flick watcher, and one of those people who has deep conversations in silly voices with their dogs.  

I love date nights in with our brood of furry critters, have an unhealthy addiction to traveling the world (mainly Europe), and have watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls more times than I should probably admit.   

Being a wedding & anniversary photographer is the best job in the world. I document beautiful life moments for the most fun, genuine, and truly in-love couples who are just as passionate about capturing candid moments as I am. 

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   For me, it all started with a polaroid camera. I was young and loved running around the house with my big, bulky, Barbie camera. As time went on I managed to part ways with my pink polaroid, but my passion for photography never wavered. Photography became my trusted companion during my time in college, acting as a happy diversion in between exams. I found that my friends loved having their photos taken and I truly loved being the one to take them. I also discovered how much I enjoyed being there to capture their special moments. 
      Somewhere along the way I met my incredible husband. We're a pair of best friends who fell in love thanks to college and reality TV. There was also an important make-out session in a movie theater, but I digress...

    Since then we have loved everything about working together, finding couples with amazing love stories and having the best time capturing their memories. From engagement to wedding day, we try our best to act as a guide and resource for clients. We are obsessed with couples who are madly in love with each other and know who they are, both individually and as a pair. They have a strong inner beauty that can be felt when they walk into a room and we love to come alongside them as they get married. With us, wedding photography is not just buying a service, it is investing in memories you’ll have for a lifetime. We are here to help you from start to finish, nothing is overlooked. Your details matter to us because we believe in your love and want to contribute to your story.


about Danielle

my favorites

• Lavish cakes and dessert tables
• My darling little fur babies
• Wandering my way through Europe
• Glitter & Gold
• The Parisian skyline at night 
• Beautiful landscapes & colorful blooms
• Stunning rings and intricate jewelry
• Romantic strolls in London
• Candles. Everywhere. 
• Historic architecture with charm





We want our couples to feel like themselves, to have time with their friends and family, to have the most gorgeous portraits of the two of them that showcase their joy and last but not least, our couples deserve to have a wedding day that is stress-free. 

MY philosophy

the experience

We become your eyes on your wedding day, capturing the details and filling in the cracks by partnering with your team to ensure nothing is overlooked freeing you to be present and captivated in the midst of it all as we capture a timeless enduring record of your wedding.

the experience

our philosophy

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