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4 Reasons Why You Must Book Carolina Grove For Your Wedding Today

A long white table is decorated with a pastel pink table cloth and large floral arrangements with multiple place settings in front of a large white wall with big windows at the carolina grove wedding venue in north carolina

The top 4 reasons why you must book Carolina Grove for your wedding day:

Hello, it’s me, again! And I’m here to introduce you to Carolina Grove, the most beautiful wedding venue of your modern wedding dreams. Today, I’m going to give you four reasons why you must have a Carolina Grove wedding. Let’s get into it, lovelies!

1. A ceremony space to obsess over. 

Okay, I’m sorry, but I have to say it. This is the most Pinterest-worthy venue. I’m not even kidding! Their outdoor ceremony space is so ridiculously romantic, I wish I could get married again just to use this venue.

Their outdoor ceremony space features a wooden forest backdrop and a flagstone aisle that looks like it was painted on–it’s that perfect. In the fall, the leaves turn delicate and depict deep shades of red, orange and gold. Plus, it seats 200. We love that flexibility. 

2. Looking for a modern reception? You’ve got it.

Carolina Grove’s reception hall is this beautiful, bright beacon of a space that features soaring white ceilings and an A-frame structure. With ceiling-high windows and gorgeous chandeliers, the reception hall gives you that modern, chic, and airy feel you’re looking for. 

Want something even airier? Well, Carolina Grove has it. With rolling glass doors, you get to create a seamless experience from the reception hall to the outdoor al fresco courtyard (decorated with hardwood trees and soft, sandy gravel). It’s giving effortless elegance, baby!

3. Secret spots that hold the most luxurious offerings. 

I love the secret spaces of Carolina Grove that make your special day feel super luxurious. There is a hidden, upstairs dressing suite that includes an oversized, gilded mirror (12-feet worth!), a striking dressing space, a full bath, every beauty amenity you can think of, and a hair and makeup counter. 

The hidden, downstairs dressing suite offers lavish lounge furniture, a flat screen TV and mini fridge, as well as access to the Vault via a spiral staircase. What’s the Vault, you ask? It’s another well-hidden space. This speak-easy lounge boasts a built-in bar and velvet lounge furniture. I’m obsessed with this space and love snapping photos of the cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner, or after-wedding drinks against the glow of the space. 

4. Women-owned, need I say more?

Carolina Grove is women-owned and operated, and this makes my heart sing. It’s so important to support women-owned businesses, and I know for fact this crew puts their heart and soul into everything they do. 

With a Carolina Grove wedding, you’re not only getting everything you desire out of a wedding venue, but you’re supporting powerful women who have persevered against the odds. 

Time to chat vendors!

Now that you’ve chosen to have a Carolina Grove wedding, it’s now time to think about your wedding vendors. I know how hard this step is, and I want to make it as easy on you as possible! I’m a seasoned photographer and have years of experience making the most out of couples’ wedding photos.

I know how to capture the best of the best when it comes to editorial, posed, and candid photos. Ready to book? I am so glad you asked. Let’s get you on the books today.


I’m seriously obsessed with this gorgeous North Carolina wedding venue and here’s why you should be too: Carolina Grove has SO many different spots to make your wedding unique! They have a plethora of both outdoor AND indoor photo opportunities, so no worries about a rainy day backup plan. As a photographer, I’m all for the natural light, high ceilings, and neutral colors. It’s the best way to get those stunning film wedding photos you’ve always dreamed of! 

It’s also close to Raleigh, Durham, and the Triad area of North Carolina which means your guests won’t have a hard time finding accommodations close to the wedding venue. BUT you won’t be needing a hotel space to get ready on your big day because Carolina Grove has ample space for getting into that wedding attire AND look fabulous doing it! Seriously, just book me for your wedding photography because I’m already drooling over the photos we’ll take together! 

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