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The Ultimate Virtual Walkthrough: Knoxville Botanical Garden Wedding Venue 

The ultimate virtual walkthrough: Knoxville Botanical Garden wedding venue 

Don’t you wish you could take a virtual walkthrough of potential wedding venues like the Knoxville Botanical Garden? Especially in today’s world, we’ve become so accustomed to the efficiency of that virtual life. It seems only fair to extend the virtual aspect to wedding venue shopping!

Well, lucky for you, I’m here. I’m a seasoned photographer with more than a decade of experience capturing the best moments of my clients’ weddings–and I know how important it is to see the ins and outs of a wedding venue, quickly. So, today, I’m bringing you the ultimate walkthrough of the Knoxville Botanical Garden, a wedding venue that is sure to capture both you and your partner’s hearts. Let’s check it out.

A note about Knoxville Botanical Garden’s history

You know I love me some historical wedding venues, and Knoxville Botanical Garden is no different. Its origin dates all the way back to 1786 with the Howell Nursery, which holds the record as the longest continually operated business in Tennessee. It’s why the garden was founded–to preserve such a historic property!

With 47 acres, you and your loved one have plenty of venue space from which to choose. Without further ado, let’s check it out, so you can say, “I do!”. Okay, okay, I’m done with the dad jokes.

The Stone Terraces at the Knoxville Botanical Garden wedding venue

In the mid-1950s, Joe Howell designed the Stone Terraces: beautiful, stone architecture that includes a large, stone fortress, round gatehouses, and a terraced English garden. Every time I step onto this property, I feel transported to a world of whimsical enchantment and centuries-old architecture. The terrace space receives welcome shade from a southern magnolia, a tulip poplar, and a Kentucky coffee tree–making it an exceptional location for weddings in all four seasons!

Danae Garden and Dogwood Center

This welcome center boasts a 5,000 sq. ft., award-winning structure that can hold 300 guests–and it even includes an attached patio, landscaped garden (the Danae Garden), and plenty of parking nearby! The garden is arguably the best feature, housing dozens of mature plants that have lived onsite for more than 50 years. Plus, it’s super close to the Dogwood nature trail–a lovely trail to use for those post-ceremony couple shots. 

The Martha H. Ashe Garden

This 60-year-old garden boasts stone walls dating much older than its inception–all the way back to the 1930s! It features colorful annuals, flowering trees and shrubs, and a blanket of trees that offer a romantic, secluded space. What I love most about this garden is that it’s a pristine spot for your ceremony. Imagine walking down a stone-edged aisle that leads to two round gatehouses flanked on each side, all underneath a large magnolia. A fairy-tale dream!

LeConte Meadow

If you’re looking for a stately view of the Smoky Mountains, look no further than this gorgeous Knoxville Botanical Garden wedding venue. With 16,000 sq. ft. of open space, you get to create the meadow wedding of your dreams! I adore seeing couples use this space for either an intimate ceremony, or an expansive, tent-protected reception.

Ready for your garden love story? So am I!

I cannot wait for you to experience the biggest day of your life using the Knoxville Botanical Garden wedding venue. It’s truly going to be the wedding of your dreams. But now, it’s time to think about your photographer. Like I mentioned before, I’m an experienced photographer with a knack for capturing memories in a unique way, and I’d be thrilled to be your photographer for your special day. Want to chat about how I can make your photography dreams come true? Let’s connect today. 


Other things I love about a Knoxville Botanical Garden wedding? No two weddings are alike! This gorgeous venue completely changes from season to season and it’s FULL of different spots for your nuptials! You’ll have twice the florals with everything in full bloom around you.

You’ll also have a rainy day backup plan built in because their gorgeous solarium space truly makes for a gorgeous ceremony site, reception spot, and the green ivy wall is perfect for all of those wedding day portraits you’ve dreamed of! If you’re looking for a Knoxville wedding photographer with experience shooting at this gorgeous venue–look no further!

You can always take a peek at some of my super informative blog posts too, which will give you the inside scoop when planning out your big day!

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