Danielle Defayette

Things you should know about me? (There aren't many, really!)

Everything I do is for my family. At my core I'm a mother, wife, daughter, sister, traveler, photographer, and friend.

I'm a firm believer that you're meant to BE in photos and it's my goal to make you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. 

I'll be the one cheering you on from the dance floor, jamming to "September" at the reception with my signature finger guns making an appearance.

CharlottesvillE Wedding & Portrait Photographer 

I'm Danielle :)

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am your bonus bridesmaid, professional third wheel, and photographer extraordinaire. I'm here to make you feel like your BEST self while getting you down that aisle to your other half. 


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A snapshot into my life

I found my ordinary and extraordinary love nearly ten years ago somewhere in between college classes and weekend rendezvous. We locked eyes in the middle of a street in downtown Johnson City and it wasn’t too long before Albert was in hot pursuit and, if I’m being honest, it was a pretty short chase. Through date nights in dorm rooms, we formed a love that still sets my soul on fire--one that happens in the tiny, little everyday ordinary nothings that makes up our whole lives together.

Flash forward nearly ten years...

I'm a wife to my college sweetheart, mama to a wild toddler, dog owner, sheep farmer, lover of the written word, and hybrid film wedding photographer. I’m prone to wanderlust and have visited over 6 countries and 30 states. I will never take for granted that my career allows me to capture images around the world!

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I found myself falling in love with photography slowly. Initially, I was captivated with photography because it allowed me to relive my whirlwind adventures across the globe -- from the colorful streets of Notting Hill to the view of the Parisian skyline from atop the Arc de Triomphe.

Eventually, my love for photography grew into something more. My use of photography has become second nature to me and I find myself searching for the human connection in every image.

As an artist, I’m driven by a single mission: To live and lead a life of joy.

I find joy in the things that are beautiful for the sake of being beautiful, and experiences that leave your soul feeling a little bit richer.

I strive to capture that spark of joy in every photo I create and transform an otherwise ordinary love into something truly magical.

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Equity & Inclusion

At the core of this business, I believe in equality. Equality for all human beings regardless of race, gender identity, sexual identity, or physical & mental ability.

I stand against discrimination and racism of any kind and I am dedicated to actively fighting to make this world most just - through my work and through my personal endeavors, because to me, those are the same thing.