Capture the natural rhythms of your family 

so you can cherish those sweet moments forever

From welcoming your newest, tiniest family member, to making pancakes on those lazy Sunday mornings with the kids running around in PJs covered in flour, to your oldest baby wiping your kiss off their cheek.


Maternity Photography

Whether you’re savoring that pregnancy glow or you’re counting down the days ‘til you’re officially over with being pregnant, capturing this brief moment in time is a much needed opportunity to pause and revel in all the memories that are about to come (even though it feels like you’ll never see your feet again).

Newborn Photography

I won’t be another person telling you “enjoy this moment, mama, it goes fast!” 

You know that already — which is why having those beautiful pictures where you swear you can smell that delicious newborn smell will always be priceless. 

Family Photography

There’s magic in how every moment of growing your family is in a constant state of change. From the way your son says “‘siiiide!” when he wants to play outside, to how your daughter just lost her mind over the beloved Tooth Fairy giving her two dollars for simultaneously losing both of her front teeth. 

Freezing these moments in the midst of the chaos always lead to the best “remember that?!” moments when looking through your family albums.

Hi, I’m Danielle—

and ‘go with the flow’ is practically
my middle name.

Okay, that was a lie. I’m actually detail-oriented as hell, but I *am* a mother, too — and going with the flow is practically the only way to survive that job.  

In addition to being an expert at managing toddler moods, I’ve also been photographing families for years and I know that, sometimes, things don’t go as planned. 

You never know when the baby will have a poorly-timed diaper blow-out or the toddler decides he will not smile anymore, despite being happy as a clam one second prior. 

But I’m ready to roll with the punches and pivot if we need to pivot (and I’ve got all the tricks to get those much-loved smiles out of even the grumpiest of kids. Or dads). 

What's included

with your family session:

  • A shoot at the location of your choice
  • Online Gallery with High Resolution Images
  • Outfit planning assistance (complete with Pinterest board inspo!)
  • Personalized location suggestions for your shoot
  • Loads of laughs + a great time, obviously!



photography process

step one

After you inquire, I’ll quickly be in touch to chat about all the details about your family and what you’re hoping to get out of this shoot: what stage of life you’re in, how many people will be at the session, and what you love to do as a family!

step three

Your session is finally here! You have the best time in front of the camera with your family, while I get all the shots on your list, plus lots more. 

step two

Once you’re officially penciled in on my calendar, we’ll start planning your session! We’ll chat about your fave locations and I’ll help you find the best spot. I’m also here to offer suggestions on what to wear, which colors look best, and how to best rock your session. 

For newborn shoots in particular, I’ll reach out a week before the due date to chat about all the specifics. Once baby is here, you’ll shoot me a quick email between bottle feedings and we’ll schedule your session. 

step four

You’ll receive your completed gallery within three weeks (so you can spend the next three generations admiring them).

here are so many reasons why Danielle was                     to work with for our baby announcement photos.” 


— katie & rusty

There are too many reasons to count, actually, but I will share a few. She makes you feel comfortable in your session and she is great at guiding you! Two, she has the sweetest personality and is FUN. Last, but certainly not least, she has a great eye and knows when to capture the best moments. These are just some of the amazing qualities and talents that Danielle has. I highly recommend her for your future photography sessions, you will LOVE her!”

The way your 5-year-old scrunches their whole face when they say “cheese!”

The way the baby’s toes curl when they’re sleeping. 

Even that point in your pregnancy when you can’t stand up without grunting.  

And as a family photographer, I’m passionate about catching all of those little details for the families I work with — because they’re actually the BIG things. 

The moments you’re living in right now may not feel glamorous,

but they’re the ones you’ll want to remember the most. 


I spend time thoughtfully building a custom quote for every single family I work with. This quote is based on several factors, including location and cost of travel, and any specific requests you may have. I don’t take this investment lightly and want to make sure you’re given a well-thought out quote. 


After 10+ years of photographing countless families, I’ve designed a strategy to tailor my packages to the exact needs of my clients. 

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With photographs that capture the magical chaos of the moments you’re living right now, you’ll have a tangible memory to turn to when the inevitable

“but where did the time go?”

tears come.

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