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Your                      matters as much as your             . You’ll need a photographer who can give you          .


Of course, you’ll want a photographer who can absolutely NAIL the need-to-have posed shots with ease, AND capture the sweet, candid moments happening in the periphery, AND make you feel like being in front of the camera is no big deal...

But it’s so much more fun when that photographer *ALSO* feels like an old friend who knows exactly how to calm your nerves, & makes you laugh about those awkward family member moments & can be there to save you when that family friend you haven’t seen since you were nine won’t stop telling you how big you’ve gotten.



Hi, I’m Danielle—

Now, don’t get me wrong — after 10+ years as a photographer, over one million photos taken, 600+ clients served, and my countless “are you kidding me, this should be in Vogue!” reactions, it’s safe to say that the ‘really talented photographer’ part is covered. 

putting people at ease behind the camera since 2013

and, if it were up to me, I’d rather be known as “person you love to hang out with” than “really talented photographer.”

But, you’ve seen       
of really talented photographers.


And you probably have 23 other tabs open in your browser right now, stalking their galleries, too. 

What I love most about being a photographer, though, is the experience of it all; making you feel comfortable, expertly posing you, giving you the confidence to feel like you in front of the camera — so you can actually enjoy the moments that are being photographed. 

(And, of course, the part where we become best friends, and you text me about outfit choices, and inside jokes, and wanting to grab a drink at that cool new restaurant we’re both planning on becoming obsessed with...)


out of the park.

—  alisha + beth

She helped keep us calm throughout the day, made sure we got each shot we wanted, did her homework before so she knew the best shots to get at the venue, and made every second count.”

WE WERE                 WITH OUR IMAGES — THEY WERE UTTERLY,                      


uniquely us.

—  GREY, 2020 Groom

as seen in

Dreaming of the                                        detail photos?


You know those gorgeous flat lays that showcase your invitation, wedding rings, and shoes? They’re a wonderful opportunity to showcase the teeny tiny details of your day that you never wanna forget. 

But so you’re not running around the morning of your wedding searching for items to add, I’ve got you covered with a list of items that will make your detail shots even more meaningful.

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Tired of scouring the Internet for a photographer who can make your wedding photos look like                        

actual art?

AND make it an experience that always feels fun — and never like a chore?
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