5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Looking for that perfect unique wedding bouquet?

Some couples get engaged and know exactly what they want down to the very last stem in their unique wedding bouquet. Others may not be so sure, but are eager to start envisioning the details of their dream wedding.

As soon as you’ve started that Pinterest board or found yourself scouring The Knot for ideas, you’ll find that even the most seemingly small decisions can become overwhelming.

For instance, when it comes to picking out a unique wedding bouquet for your big day there are truly SO many choices available and your decision has the potential to impact the whole vibe for your wedding day.

As a long time wedding photographer, I’m here to assist you in making the all-important decision on the perfectly unique wedding bouquet and florals! I’ve come up with a few great tops to help you along the way:

1. Factor in Your Budget

Florals are one of the big ticket items on your wedding day. It’s estimated that most couples spend about 10% of their overall wedding budget on decor–and that includes flowers. You need to factor in how much you are willing to spend on a unique wedding bouquet and killer florals for your wedding. Once you have a figure down, it will be time to go shopping!

2. Find the Right Florist for the job!

Just like everything on your wedding day, finding the right fit is extremely important. Your wedding florist will be the person who understands your specific vision for your wedding day and can create the florals you have in mind to suit it. They’ll be the ones crafting that gorgeous arbor full of decadent blooms and imagining up a unique wedding bouquet just for you. Florals can truly elevate your entire wedding experience, so it’s important to hire the right florist for the job.

3. Your Wedding Color Palette

If you aren’t fluent in florals and don’t know the exact blooms to put in your unique wedding bouquet, start by picking out a color palette for your wedding day. It’s always a good idea to select florals that compliment the bridal party and match with your wedding venue’s aesthetics. If the types of flowers don’t mean much to you, this color palette will definitely help guide your florist in the right direction as far as picking out which stems to use on your wedding day!

4. Work with the Season

In general, choosing flowers that are in-season for your wedding can make life easier while also allowing you to use your money wisely. While you might have your heart set on a particular type of flower, if the bloom isn’t in season, you may have to compromise in order to get the amount of florals you desire.

You could opt to have the flower sourced out of season but expect a hefty price tag. Talk to your florist about similar options, and you may end up discovering an even more perfect combination of flowers in the process.

5. Do your research!

Just like you would on your attire or wedding invitations, spend some time researching different florals that you like. Create a Pinterest board for unique wedding bouquets and see which flowers pop up in multiple bouquets. If nothing else, this board will definitely help guide your florist in the right direction! If you do have a specific flower or floral combination in mind for your wedding day, aim to get married in the season they’re most readily available.

Flowers may not seem like a big deal to some, but finding the perfect combination can work wonders when it comes to creating a specific vibe or designing a unique wedding bouquet for your special day. While you shouldn’t let the decision consume you, it is worth factoring in these tips when choosing your blooms.

My personal option on wedding day florals? Always opt for the real ones! (I said what I said!)

I’ve been film wedding photographer for over eight years now and I’ve seen unique wedding bouquets of all shapes and sizes. I’m always a sucker for those big ol’ blooms but I definitely think it’s worth spending the money on real flowers whenever you can. Honestly, artificial stems can be as much if not more than the live ones!

If you’re worried about spending money one flowers that won’t last, you can always look into preserving your unique wedding bouquet as a work of art in your home and you should definitely get in touch with a photographer that will capture them in all their beauty on your wedding day!

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