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Best Unique Bridal Shoes For Your Wedding

The 5 Best Unique Bridal Shoe Brands

While the shoes you wear under your beautiful wedding dress aren’t always visible, it’s important to wear gorgeous unique shoes that fit your personality. Your wedding day shoes are just as important a statement piece as the wedding dress itself, so if you are looking for the best unique bridal shoe brands for your wedding day, I got you covered girl!

As a long time wedding photographer, one of my favorite wedding day details to capture is the signature wedding heel. If you’ve ever seen the rom com movie In Her Shoes, you 100% know that shoes can definitely be handed down for generations to come! I absolutely love when brides choose a statement shoe that truly defines their personality and adds some individuality to the traditional wedding attire.

After years and years of experience, putting together this list of the best unique bridal shoes was easy! I had so much fun going through and narrowing down the top designers and finding the 5 best unique bridal shoe brands that will make your unique wedding shoe dreams come true! 

The 5 best bridal shoe brands for your wedding day: 

1. Bella Bella Shoes

Recently crowned one of the best unique bridal shoe brands, Bella Bella Shoe is an Italian wedding shoe designer  that is known for those iconic wedding or special event shoes. They make elegant, feminine, and ethereal shoes for any occasion, and when it comes to looking for unique wedding shoes, they truly have it all. Some of my favorite styles are Elsa Ivory, Else Nude, Giselle, and Carolina. Each season they release exclusive and limited edition heels, which are always fabulous and photograph so well!

2. Something Bleu

Looking for those completely royal shoes? The ones that will be timeless and talked about for years to come? You’ll need to hop over to Something Bleu and check out their absolutely one-of-a-kind heels! These heels always remind me of Marie Antoinette and I’m here for it! Their unique bridal shoes feature massive bows, silk and satin textures, and pearl embellishments for days! Are you looking for your ‘something blue’ for your wedding day? Try their Ciara Satin heels, their Cliff D’Orsay Kitten heel, or their Seline Bloom heels!

3. Jimmy Choo

This one is for all my brides who desire a bit of drama on their wedding day! Jimmy Choo is a worldwide shoe designer who makes some of the most stunning and best unique bridal shoes! If you’re looking for something extra unique and full of flair, this is definitely the designer for you! I particularly love their Sacaria heels, their Viola heels, or their Ari heels. If you want to sparkle and shine all night in the most unique wedding shoes, you’re going to want to head to the Jimmy Choo site now! 

4. Loeffler Randall

When it comes to the best unique bridal shoes, you have to check out Loeffler Randall! This designer’s wedding shoes are unlike anything I’ve ever seen elsewhere. Her shoes come in light, delicate pastel colors and they aren’t your typical wedding shoe. Each of her wedding heels features a lot of fringe and texture to add a little pop of ‘wow’ to your wedding day attire. I absolutely love her Sylvana Slingback Pumps if you want the traditional white, her Camellia Beauty Bow if you’re looking for a pop of blush or my personal favorite, the Camellia Blue Bow heel if you’re looking for your something blue! 

5. Steve Madden

We all know and love Steve Madden! The Steve Madden brand is known for their trendy and edgy style, but did you know that they offer bridal fashion as well? If you describe your style as funky, over the top, and very unique–you should check out their Lessa Bone Patent wedding shoes, their Zella White wedding shoes, or if you want to be extra unique, try their Uplift Camel Patent wedding shoes. I always get the Kardashian vibes whenever I browse through their online shop, which makes it one of the best unique bridal shoe brands in my opinion!

If you’re still planning out your big day, I’d love to help! I’m a film photographer with over eight years of wedding photography experience and I truly enjoy getting to help my couples plan out their wedding day. Get in touch to inquire about your date and get the FULL list of my favorite shoes along with it! Or, you can check out my suggestions on The 6 Absolute Best Bridal Lingerie Brands here! 


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