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If The Elegant Larz Anderson House Isn’t On Your Wedding Venue List, Why?

Here’s Absolutely Everything You Need to know for your Larz Anderson House Wedding:

If you’re anything like me when I was newly-engaged, I’ll be willing to bet you already have a long list of wedding venues to tour. But I’ll also be willing to bet Larz Anderson House isn’t on your list. Well, I’m here to ask you, “Why Not?!” Respectfully, of course!

You might know about this historic house, and you may wonder why I’m suggesting it as a wedding venue. Well, it’s because it’s a venue like no other, with its rich roots in American history, and it serves as an excellent backdrop to your Washington, D.C., wedding.  

A Larz Anderson House wedding deep dive

The Larz Anderson House is a Gilded Age mansion in Washington, D.C., built in the early 1900s. What I love about this venue is its dedication to our American history, specifically the Revolutionary War and World War II. It houses a nonprofit headquarters and a military and naval history research library, and it serves as a historic house museum. But, it was made for entertaining! This home has been the premiere location for thousands of exclusive weddings and events throughout the last 100 years–and for good reason!

The historic house holds a ballroom that features gorgeously high ceilings with lavish trim and two mind-blowing chandeliers, perfect for a reception that impresses even the pickiest guests. My favorite part of this room is its sprawling marble staircase.

The entire home exudes opulence of the historical kind. Its walled garden boasts a reflection pool with a 300-year-old Japanese Buddha that sits underneath two of the city’s oldest magnolia trees. I know, the magnificence of it all! 

Photo op moments galore

Okay, this venue means business when it comes to photo op backdrops. Every part of Larz Anderson House is a photo backdrop waiting to happen. As a photographer, I’m like a kid in a candy store at this venue!

Every wall in the home is decked out with the most detailed, ornate décor. Think large, draping portraits of historic American leaders next to gold candlestick holders and baroque embellishments.

Remember the marble staircase? It’s literally the perfect entrance for the happy couple post-ceremony. Imagine yourself taking after-ceremony photos in the lush garden, overlooking the calm reflection pool. I mean it when I say each inch of this venue is a photo waiting to be captured. 

The nitty gritty details

With your Larz Anderson House wedding, you get access to both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as an upstairs area that’s perfect for cocktail hour. It holds up to 130 guests and offers flexibility with ceremony and reception areas. I’ve seen beautiful ceremonies in both the ballroom and the garden. You simply cannot go wrong. 

Ready for your Larz Anderson House wedding?

I sure am! I am ecstatic for you to experience your wedding at Larz Anderson House. You are truly going to have the wedding of your dreams, and you deserve to have an exceptional photographer who captures your dreamy day! In case you didn’t know, I’m a proud Virginia wedding photographer and have served this community with my art for years. I take pride in capturing the most special moments of a couple’s big day, and I’d be honored to support you on yours.

Want to get in touch to learn more about how I can help you preserve the memories of your Larz Anderson House wedding? Let’s connect!

Groom in black tux holding bride in white dress's hand while walking through the entrance of the Larz Anderson House
Larz Anderson House Wedding bride
Groom giving bride a kiss on the temple at their Larz Anderson house wedding
Groom in black tux buttoning jacket in front of the entrance of the Larz Anderson House
Gentleman in a black tux with jacket open leaning against a pillar at the Larz Anderson House
Bride in white dress holding the hand of man in black tux on the front step of the Larz Anderson House
Bride and Groom in wedding attire posing for wedding portrait in the gold room at the Anderson House
Bride and Groom portrait in the Larz Anderson House in Washington DC
man in black tux escorting a woman in a wedding gown up the marble staircase at the Anderson House
Bride and Groom kissing on the steps of the marble staircase in the Larz Anderson House
Black and white image of a bride and groom walking up the staircase at the Anderson House in Washington DC
wedding reception table styled outside at night at the Anderson house with glowing string lights hanging above
Image of a four tier white wedding cake on a table with velvet tablecloth in between two large floral arrangements in front of the fire place at the Anderson House
Image of bride and groom sharing their first dance inside the ballroom at the Anderson House in Washington DC
Aerial view of the ballroom at Larz Anderson House in Washington DC with black tie guests dancing inside

Other reasons to have a Larz Anderson House wedding?

The photo opportunities of course! Seriously, this house was made for photography and as a Virginia wedding photographer it’s one of my favorite places to use for portraits! There are so many iconic spots scattered throughout the venue that you could spend an entire day taking newlywed portraits!

I absolutely love the golden accents throughout the Washington D.C. wedding venue as well as the extremely upscale antique furnishings throughout the house. Fun fact? You’ll need a Larz Anderson House staff member there to accompany you throughout the home as your taking photos because the pieces furnishing the home are hundreds of years old!

Looking for a little more inspo? Check out Emma + Kevin’s gorgeous Larz Anderson House wedding featured on Magnolia Rouge!

If you’re looking to explore more venues in the Northern Virginia area, you need not look any further! I’m sharing several of my favorite blog posts below for you to check out and get the inside scoop! And, if you’re looking for a film wedding photographer for your big day, get in touch! I’d love to be considered for your wedding.

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