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5 Reasons You Absolutely Need To Have A Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding

Kent Island is home to Maryland’s top wedding destination: the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. Never heard of it? Well, get your wedding planner (and your popcorn!) out to take some notes, because this coastal venue is one you must consider for your Chesapeake Bay wedding. 

Before we start, I want to acknowledge your engagement! I remember what this time was like, and I remember wishing I had more insight into what venues were available, which vendors to choose, and all the other things that go into planning a Chesapeake Bay wedding. That’s why I am here–to help you get the most out of your Chesapeake Bay Beach Club wedding planning (and to help you capture those special memories).

Okay, let’s begin! Here are five reasons why you need to have a Chesapeake Bay Beach Club wedding:

1. A wedding and overnight destination

What I love about Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is it’s a one-stop shop for every wedding festivity. Not only can you stay there, but you can host your rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding activities, wedding, and post-nuptials brunch at the club–without using a single space more than once! This kind of diversity in just one destination is unheard of, making it one of my favorite Chesapeake Bay wedding venues. 

2. The Beach House Ballroom

There are four spaces within the venue that can house your Chesapeake Bay Beach Club wedding. The Beach House Ballroom at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is versatile, adjacent to the venue’s gorgeous gardens, and it gives off an elegant, open vibe with its vaulted ceilings. I personally am obsessed with this space’s light fixtures. 

The Beach House Ballroom can hold 220 guests or 180 guests with a dance floor, making it the venue’s second largest wedding space. 

3. The Sunset Ballroom

The Sunset Ballroom is the venue’s newly renovated space with herringbone wood flooring (yes, I said herringbone!) that is all but begging for you to dance on. This is the more modern space out of the four, and I love it because it includes an enclosed rooftop, allowing for a beautiful wedding that is safe from the elements, year-round.

The Sunset Ballroom can hold 310 guests or 220 guests with a dance floor, making it the venue’s largest wedding space. 

4. The Tavern Ballroom

The club’s next space is the Tavern Ballroom. Another space with vaulted ceilings, the Tavern Ballroom serves you outdoor looks (and sunsets) with its rooftop deck, and it’s close to their beach. We can’t guarantee you won’t sneak away to put your feet in the sand.

The Tavern Ballroom can hold 160 guests, making it a great option for medium-sized Chesapeake Bay weddings. 

5. The Inn Ballroom

The newest of the spaces, the Inn Ballroom gives off a rustic, farmhouse feel with cathedral ceilings, a stone fireplace, and oversized iron chandeliers. It even has a private garden and cloth tent. 

The Inn Ballroom can hold 100 guests or 75 guests with a dance floor, making it the best choice for a quainter Chesapeake Bay wedding. 

Your venue is set, now what?

Your Chesapeake Bay Beach Club wedding in Chesapeake Bay will give your guests that sandy, coastal atmosphere you love, and I am overjoyed for you to begin this journey towards creating your most important day. I pride myself on capturing beautiful memories of your wedding day, and I’d love to be considered for your wedding photography needs. Want to know more about how I can help bring your photography vision to life? Let’s chat today!


Other things to note? The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club has absolutely delectable food by their in-house catering staff that will have all of your guests talking for years to come! They pride themselves on incredible service and the best staff for your wedding or event. They also have fully trained bartenders to craft gorgeous cocktails for your reception!

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