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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Getting Married at The Trillium Venue

The Trillium Wedding, Sevierville TN

Calling all couples who are looking for a mysterious, mystical, and moody wedding venue! Brand new and newly-opened, The Trillium Venue is exactly where you should have your wedding if you’re looking for a chic, modern, but totally romantic vibe. 

Now, you know I’m only going to feature the best of the best wedding venues here at my blog, and a Trillium wedding is right up there with the top. To prove it to you, I’m giving you five reasons why you should be getting married at the Trillium Venue. 

1. It has a surprising and rare touch. 

Perched atop Bluff Mountain, this venue is located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Sevierville, Tennessee. This isn’t just any regular national park, however. Not only is it a dedicated World Heritage Site, but its name comes from the natural fog that hangs over the range, casting beautiful plumes of “smoke” over the mountains. 

The fog is caused by organic compounds that easily form vapors, making the view an unexpected and extraordinary touch that presents the perfect backdrop for your wedding. 

2. The reception hall is *chef’s kiss*. 

What I love so much about a Trillium wedding is the moment when guests make their way to the reception hall. This moment is so exciting because the hall is a true sight to see! Why, you ask? Three words. Glass. Garage. Doors.

This is an architectural feature you don’t see often in wedding venues, but the glass garage doors at the Trillium Venue roll up, offering the sweetest indoor/outdoor vibe that brings such a cool factor to the occasion. Plus, it gives guests an open view of the Smokies (as the locals lovingly call the Great Smoky Mountains). 

3. The Trillium Venue is family-owned…

We love a family-owned venue. There’s just something about it that makes you really feel the love put into every detail. It gives venues a sort of je ne sais quoi other locations can’t quite replicate. The Trillium Venue has that–and even more. 

4. …and they’re well-connected. 

Planning your special day is a once in a lifetime ordeal, but it can be incredibly stressful (trust!). Finding and securing vendors can be so overwhelming and exhausting, but with the Trillium Venue, you get access to a rolodex of vendors who are seasoned, vetted, and familiar with the space. 

From wedding planning and lodging to shuttle services and bartending, you can be sure you’ll be connected to trustworthy and exceptional vendors who know how to make the odds and ends of your Trillium wedding seamless. 

5. Photo ops, a-plenty!

Let’s talk (read: gawk) about the photo ops. Want a winding dirt road as the backdrop to a few model-esque photos? You’ve got it! What about a deeply romantic and woodsy waterfall for your couple photos? Yep, the Trillium Venue has that, too. Or, maybe you’re looking for expansive views of mountains for miles to decorate the backdrop of your ceremony and reception. A Trillium wedding will give you just that!

The Smoky Mountains are calling!

And, you must go! Okay, you aren’t John Muir, but you’re probably interested in a beautiful, mountaintop wedding. Once you’ve booked your Trillium wedding, it’ll be time to secure your vendors, including a premium photographer who is dedicated to serving all your wishes on your biggest day! That’s where I come in. I’m a local photographer who is committed to giving you exactly what you want on your special day. I’d be thrilled to give you wedding photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Interested in learning more about how I can help? Let’s chat. 

Sunrise view of the Smoky Mountains from The Trillium Venue
Panoramic Mountain View of the Smoky Mountains at The Trillium Venue
Bridal Suite at The Trillium Venue with plush pink sofas and view of the Smoky Mountains
Bride and Groom outside during sunrise with the Smoky Mountains in the background
Bride and Groom getting married at The Trillium Venue

Other things I absolutely LOVE about The Trillium Venue? I’m obsessed with the super spacious rooms for the Bride & Groom to get ready in. The bridal suite has six vanity spots for bridesmaids to sit at and a full on changing room style space to maintain modesty throughout the getting ready process! (No one’s going to need to step out for changing and photos can continue as planned!)

The Grooms’ Suite is also incredible with a full black wall that makes for instantly classic portraits as well as a garage style window allowing the gentlemen to watch the sunrise (and sunset!) directly from the ground floor. They also are privledge to some upscale locker room style cubbies for their clothing, which keeps the space tidy for photos throughout the day! Seriously SO smart!

And, rain or shine, this venue is going to be the perfect place for portraits! Each room has high ceilings, lots of natural light, and modern fixtures so you’ll have plenty of spots for photos throughout your wedding day. Book your wedding at The Trillium Venue and you’ll find your photographer drooling all day long friends!

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