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The 6 Absolute Best Bridal Lingerie Brands For Your Wedding

The 6 Brands for Best Bridal Lingerie

Mothers of the bride and groom, you may want to close your eyes for this one! It’s finally your wedding day and you want to give your soon-to-be-hubby a sexy surprise on your wedding night. You’re definitely going to need some jaw dropping lingerie! Don’t be ashamed, this is a wedding tradition!

Bridal lingerie adds a personal flair to your wedding day, especially if you send your hubby a sneak peek of how their night will end! Lingerie is something that not everyone feels comfortable or confident in, but I am here to tell you that you are sexy and beautiful and you need to just buy the damn lingerie! 

When it comes to buying the bridal lingerie, you can’t just settle for any brand. Skimping out on lingerie is a terrible idea and can make your entire day uncomfortable if you aren’t careful! I’ve been to hundreds of weddings since I started my career as a wedding photographer and I’ve heard a LOT about skimpy underthings in that time. So, I’ve I curated a list of my top 6 brands for the best bridal lingerie. Let’s not waste any more time and get into it! 

The 6 brands for the best bridal lingerie:

  1. Mentionables

Get ready to have the best wedding night of your life with your Mentionables bridal lingerie! When it comes to the best bridal lingerie, this one is definitely at the top of my list. They have the cutest lingerie options that are sure to make your man’s mouth water! Whether it’s for your wedding day, bridal boudoir session, or just something sexy for date night–you’ll always hear me raving about Mentionables!

  1. BHLDN

So, you need some sexy lingerie for your wedding night but you don’t want to be uncomfortable all day? Try out BHLDN! They have so many different sexy and classy options for bridal lingerie, and they have some of the prettiest lingerie options ever. I love that they have two-piece options, one-piece options, and their bridal kimonos are to die for! 

  1. SPANX

So, you’re looking to be sucked in AND sexy on your wedding day? If that’s the case, I highly recommend you check out SPANX! Their main focus is ladies shape wear, but trust me, it’s they’ve got all the sexy options too! SPANX is a tried and true household name and they’ve spent years honing in the best lingerie that’s form fitting. Feel your most confident on your wedding day in your SPANX lingerie shape wear, and get ready for your man’s reaction when the wedding dress comes off! 

  1. Le Pearla

When finding the best bridal lingerie brands, I definitely wanted to make sure to include La Pearla. If you’ve never seen, touched, or worn their luxury bridal lingerie, you are truly missing out! This is some of the most glamorous and prestige lingerie on the market and it’s amazing quality! It’s Italian made and they’ve been crafting lingerie since 1954, so you know you won’t go wrong here! It’s definitely a treat yo’ self brand but if you’re looking for the best bridal lingerie to have your partner speechless… just trust me and shop La Pearla!

  1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores of all time and it’s no surprise that they’ve also got some of the best bridal lingerie. They have so many different brands of bridal lingerie and it’s all totally chic and eclectic for the brides that want to be fashion forward. Anthropologie is never the cheapest option, but regardless of price it’s still one of my favorite stores to shop! If you want something to show of your elegance and fashion prowess to your new hubby, this is a great place to look! 

  1. Adore Me

Whether you’re looking for baby dolls, bustiers, or more, Adore Me has what you want! With hundreds of bridal lingerie options to choose from, this is one of the biggest and best bridal lingerie retailers around! With unbeatable prices and shipping, this is one of the best when it comes to bridal lingerie. (Did I mention they have a monthly subscription option? You can keep spicing things up long after the wedding night!) 

Another idea to surprise your significant other with on the wedding day? Bridal boudoir photos! Once you’ve picked out your wedding day lingerie (or an entire week’s worth for your honeymoon!!), get in touch! We can capture some gorgeous and risqué bridal boudoir images for you (and them!) to cherish for LONG after your wedding day!


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