Why You Should Totally Have A Rainbow Row Engagement In Charleston

Why You Should Have A Rainbow Row Engagement In Charleston

If you’ve ever thought about Charleston, South Carolina you’re most likely picturing those incredible pastel homes and the gorgeous cobblestone roads. When couples ask me where they should have their photos taken while in Charleston, I always recommend a Rainbow Row engagement session!

Why should you have an engagement here?

You should have a Rainbow Row engagement session because it’s full of pastel colors and romantic spots for those dreamy photos notorious of downtown Charleston. You’ll get the perfect pink, robins egg blue, pale yellow, and light orange backdrops along with the golden sunlight trickling through!

It’s always just a truly romantic and historic city full of fun things to do! If you’re looking for a full history of the city, you should click here for more info

Rainbow Row can also be used as a backdrop for your wedding portraits too! If you find yourself tying the knot at any of the stunning downtown Charleston wedding venues, it’s an easy trek down to Rainbow Row for sunset portraits. An engagement photo session in Rainbow Row, Charleston is definitely not an ordinary thing. Most of my couples work with me to schedule in a destination engagement session in the city before their nuptials somewhere on the East Coast!

How to plan a Rainbow Row Engagement session?

If you’re not a Charleston native and you’re thinking of hitting the streets of Rainbow Row for your engagement session, there are a few things you’ll need to plan for! If you need help planning for this type of engagement, here are three tips to follow:

  1.  Keep in mind that Charleston is a BUSY place! You’ll want to plan your session accordingly to avoid lots of traffic and pedestrian congestion. 
  2. There will be quite a bit of walking involved with your session! Charleston is such a gorgeous city, but parking can be quite difficult. So once we find a place to park together, we’re going to be walking all over the city before wrapping up the session. 
  3. Be open minded! I will always work with you to capture those iconic Rainbow Row engagement photos, but as it is a busy city not every iconic location may be available for your session. Quite often there are parades, closings, and other events happening that may not allow us to hit ever Pinterest spot. I’ll make sure to take you off the beaten path (quite literally!) to grab some romantic shots in some of my favorite spots around the city too!

Book a photographer who frequently shoots Rainbow Row Engagement sessions!

After reading this blog post, you’ve seen how Rainbow Row can be the perfect location to grab those gorgeous engagement photos you’ve always dreamed of! It’s so important to find a photographer who not only fits the aesthetic you’re looking for but who also knows Charleston and feels confident shooting your Rainbow Row engagement session. 

In addition to providing you with a style guide for your engagement session, I’m always happy to help guide you through planning your trip to Charleston. We’ll talk tips and tricks for getting the best photos on Rainbow Row and I’ll show you some of my favorite photo spots (and restaurants!) in Charleston too. 

Best time to take photos in Charleston? That’s a trick question, because any time of the year is stunning in this colorful city! If you’re thinking of scheduling your Rainbow Row engagement photos, I always suggest getting in touch about three or four months before your desired session time so we can start discussing details! Ready to get in touch? Send me a message and we can get your session scheduled!



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