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Secret Photo Op Ideas At Your Stone Tower Winery Wedding

Stone Tower Winery Wedding, Leesburg, Virginia

A Stone Tower Winery wedding, you say? Well, well, well! I must say, you’ve chosen an amazing venue for your big day. This Leesburg wedding venue balances countryside charm with enchanting elegance, and I’m thrilled for you to start your journey towards forever with this venue. 

What I adore about a Stone Tower Winery wedding are the options you get to choose from as you plan. There are four breathtaking ceremony sites–the hillside, the pond, their ballroom, and the tank room–which means you can have your dream wedding at any time during the year. They even offer a wedding package with so many perks! One of them is access to a fully-equipped wedding suite. Another is a selection of furniture to use, ranging from couches and lounges to ceremony seating and table-and-chair combos. 

I’ve had such a fun time capturing couples’ special moments at this Leesburg wedding venue. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about its scenic areas–especially the unique ones. I am so passionate about my work and want to share that with you, so I’m excited to bring you a list of Stone Tower Winery wedding photo op ideas–free of charge! Let’s get started. 

1. Your first look in the tank room.

Now, I know the tank room is offered as one of this Leesburg wedding venue’s four ceremony spaces, but hear me out. Oftentimes, we see the first look taking place outdoors, in a random open area, away from the masses. But how cool, how unique would it be to photograph your first look against the natural wood of a magnificent wine tank? I love capturing a first look that is different from the rest! And this Leesburg wedding venue allows you to do just that. 

2. Family photos at the pond. 

There’s something special about wedding photos against the backdrop of a body of water. I love a little movement in the background, making the pond a great spot for your must-have pictures with family. Plus, did you know? It’s not a Stone Tower Winery wedding without making a wish at the pond!

3. Groomsmen in the wine cellar.

At the winery, there’s this massive, regal wine cellar with tons of old, valuable wine. In the middle of the cellar is a large metal chandelier that sits atop a round table with about seven to eight chairs surrounding it. It’s an excellent spot to capture candid photos of the groomsmen as they open their gifts from the groom.

4. A late-night fire-pit moment.

At this stunning Leesburg wedding venue, there is a clearing in the backyard made of round stone. On it sits several chairs and a fireplace. This is a great late-night spot for evening photos. Who said you can’t get a good photo after golden hour? Not this photographer!

5. A champagne toast on deck, literally.

Like I mentioned before, this Leesburg wedding venue has a wedding suite available to use day-of. On the second floor is a wraparound porch that features bright white flooring and a black metal railing. I love using this spot to capture the bridal party giving a champagne toast to start off the morning’s festivities. 

Choosing the right photographer for your Stone Tower Winery wedding

Now that you have some great photo op ideas to use at your Leesburg wedding venue, it’s time to choose your vendors, including the person who is going to capture the memories of your special day. I pride myself in delivering not only the emotional and endearing moments, but also the entertaining and candid moments. This is my life’s work and passion, and I’d love to be considered for your wedding photography needs. It would be a dream to work with you. If you’d like to learn more about how I help couples remember their wedding memories, let’s connect.

Bride getting dressed with her bridesmaids on her wedding day at Stone Tower Winery
Bottle of Wine from Stone Tower Winery with bridal bouquets
Couple sharing their first look on their wedding day outside of the cottage at Stone Tower Winery
Wedding portrait of newlyweds at Stone Tower Winery
Panoramic views of the vineyard at Stone Tower Winery
large summer floral arrangements at the wedding ceremony site at Stone Tower Winery
Extremely lovely floral arrangement at the ceremony site at Stone Tower Winery
Bride walking with her father down the aisle at Stone Tower Winery
Massive floral arbor at the center of the ceremony site at Stone Tower Winery
Bride and Groom sharing their first kiss at the end of the aisle outside at Stone Tower Winery
Bride and Groom holding hands and facing the opposite direction while walking towards Stone Tower Winery
Panoramic sunset view of the vineyard at Stone Tower Winery
Sunset view of the Stone Tower Winery tasting building

Other things I absolutely LOVE about Stone Tower Winery weddings? They always have the best wine! You can choose a selection of any of the wines for your special day and they always spice up the cocktail hour! It’s also so much fun for rehearsal dinners too.

Are you newly engaged and planning out your wedding day? Take a look at some of my other blog posts on Virginia wedding venues! I’ve got the inside scoop!

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