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Top 6 Reasons You Should Hire Angelica & Co. Weddings

Virginia Based Wedding Planner: Angelica & Co. Weddings 

Hello, it’s me, again! And I’m here to introduce you to Angelica & Co. Weddings, an incredibly talented wedding planning team based in the Northern Virginia area. I always love getting to see their wedding day magic and watch as they create such wonderful representations of their couples’ wedding day visions!

Today, I’m going to give you the top 6 reasons you should be working with them for your wedding day. Let’s get into it, lovelies!

1. Working with Angelica & Co. Weddings is just FUN! 

“We consider ourselves “approachable planners”! We pride ourselves in being relatable, easy going, and all the while running a tight ship and guiding our couples through to wedding planning bliss. Style is never something we sacrifice and we base a lot of our designs on interiors and how the space will make you and your guests feel.”

2. They wholeheartedly support the LGBTQ community!

“I’m a queer woman of color who lives a super humble, yet absolutely wonderful life. My partner and I love quiet nights together binging movies while drinking wine, gardening during the warmer months, and traveling any chance we can. I live my life in bike shorts and fuzzy socks but can quickly throw a face of makeup on and be in “boss mode” for my weddings. It’s a balancing act I’ll never get tired of 🙂

I (Angelica) am a lesbian myself and have happily been with my partner for 5 years. It’s wildly important to me to represent my queer community and offer that safety, comfort, and support that I felt missing in the wedding industry when I originally started in it a decade ago.

When I first entered into planning, I wasn’t even allowed to get married at a queer woman. We’ve come such a long way and I will fight for my couples to have the equal rights they without a doubt deserve.”

3. This wedding planning team is in it for the long haul.

“I love being a part of someone’s forever memory. These moments are ones that you can’t get back and are ones that, when done right, you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Selfishly, I absolutely love knowing that I’m a big part of creating such amazing moments for my couples and their families.”

4. The team at Angelica & Co. Weddings are here to celebrate with you!

“When the heavy lifting of setup is done and my couples’ weddings are underway, it’s my favorite to watch them enjoy themselves from the outskirts. I consider myself to be more of a silent partner on wedding day.

The goal is for me to have done my job correctly on the backend so that my couples don’t have a care in the world, aside from celebrating and loving the ones they’re with. Watching their faces, their genuine smiles, and everything in between makes all those long months of planning worth the while.”

5. They have the BEST advice for their couples.

“Hire a professional, hire a professional, hire a professional. Can I say it one more time? HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

Regardless of what level of involvement you want to personally have throughout your planning, having a seasoned planner who has experienced it all will be the most valuable part of your entire wedding. Without one, all of those hopes and dreams you and your fiancé have had over the years can quickly dwindle away into a big puddle of disasters. We would hate to see that happen to any happy couple.”

6. Angelica & Co. Weddings love to bring sophisticated style to the great outdoors!

“Honestly, any place with wide open spaces and views for days. I’m a sucker for outdoor tented weddings. They’re where I find myself able to be the most creative, apply my strong logistical skills, and really turn my couples dreams into vivid realities.

With those “blank canvas” venues, it takes true talent to transform each space into something so unique and personal for my couples. It’s a challenge I will always happily and excitedly accept.”

I absolutely love it when I get to work with wedding vendors I admire and I cannot recommend Angelica & Co. Weddings enough! Their work is always brightening up my Instagram feed and I love how they capture the exact vision their clients’ have for their wedding days.

Let’s talk wedding vendors!

Now that you know who you’re hiring to plan our your Virginia wedding day, it’s now time to think about your other wedding vendors. I know how hard this step is, and I want to make it as easy on you as possible!

I’m a seasoned Virginia wedding photographer and have years of experience making the most out of couples’ wedding photos. I know how to capture the best of the best when it comes to editorial, posed, and candid photos. Ready to talk wedding day details? I am so glad you asked. Let’s get you on the books today!

Angelica & Co. Weddings and Events headshot Northern Virginia Wedding Planner

Now that you’ve met the talented Angelica & Co. Weddings you should definitely be getting in touch with them about planning your big day! But, if you’re still on the search for more wedding planning info you need to check out these posts below for all the best wedding photography and wedding planning inspiration!

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