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6 Exciting Photo Opportunities For Your Sequoia DC Wedding

Photo opportunities for your Sequoia DC Wedding:

So, you’re thinking about having a Sequoia DC wedding? I must say, it is such an elegant option for you and your partner! Located on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., the Sequoia DC boasts the finest in American cuisine against the backdrop of contemporary art. I’m incredibly familiar with the Sequoia DC as a wedding venue, and I’d love to tell you more about the amazing photo opportunities you have at your fingertips with this location. 

Here are six photo opportunities you must take advantage of at your Sequoia DC wedding: 

1. The unique lighting installation at Sequoia DC. 

One of my favorite features of the Sequoia DC is the lighting installation that sits atop the main dining room. Created by Japanese artist Hitoshi Kuriyama, the installation showcases glass vacuum tube light fixtures that make a stunning backdrop to your photos on the mezzanine. 

2. A sweet moment on the mezzanine.

Let’s talk about the mezzanine for a moment! This cute little spot lies above the main dining room and runs parallel to the lighting installation. It’s a great spot for a few moody, romantic photos in the dim lighting. 

3. A little time on the terrace.

I love this spot for a photo due to the gorgeous backdrop. The terrace backs up against the river, offering a glimmering backdrop to your family photos. It’s also a lovely spot for your guests to snag some good shots for Instagram.

 4. A shot at the bar–the photo kind.

The bar! It’s huge, and it’s a beautiful work of art in itself. Imagine yourself sitting on the bar in your wedding best, with your partner schmoozing in your ear. What a sweet and sexy photo opportunity. 

5. A stroll along the walking path.

Now, the walking path isn’t necessarily a part of Sequoia DC, but it’s treelined, and it’s waterfront–which means we can’t pass it up for a shot. Imagine you and your partner, holding hands, strolling along the dimly-lit, tree-lined pathway. Swoon.

6. A unique memory at the sculpture garden 

On the outdoor terrace sits a striking sculpture garden that displays the most beautiful hues of pink, purple, red, yellow, green, and blue. I mean, this is super rare and is sure to help you create the most unique set of wedding photos this side of the Mississippi.

Ready to choose Sequoia DC?

I’m so happy you’ve chosen this contemporary venue for your impending nuptials. You’ve made such a killer choice. Now you get to start choosing your vendors! While it can be a bit overwhelming (trust me, I’ve been there before), it is such a fun part of your wedding planning. One vendor is critical to remembering the special moments of your big day, and that is your photographer. I’m a seasoned Washington D.C. photographer and know the ins and outs of how to capture all the unique and important memories of your wedding day. I’d love to be considered as your wedding photographer! If you want to learn more about how I can serve you on your special day, let’s chat!


Another reason to have a Sequoia DC wedding? You’ll have the guests talking about the incredible food and drinks! Seriously, the menu at The Sequoia DC is phenomenal and there is an art to their hors d’oeuvres. Each item truly matches the state of the art design of the building itself and tastes as delectable as it looks! Cocktail hour will also be a delight for all of your guests with drinks that smoke, sizzle, and fiz! Their London Fog? To die for!!

As a photographer, I also love the incredible photo opportunities scattered throughout the venue. Rain or shine you’ll have stunning Sequoia DC wedding day portraits with all of the beautiful backdrops and natural light. Each banquet room has floor to ceiling windows, which make ceremonies and receptions alike gorgeous! I’ve photographed multiple Sequoia DC wedding days and always love an excuse to return, so get in touch and we can talk about capturing your special day!

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