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A wedding planning inspo library for all couples — whether your wedding is next week, or you’re still “casually” sending your partner pictures of engagement rings.


...but after shooting hundreds of weddings, I’ve learned manyyyy things about pulling off the wedding you’ve always imagined. 

And because — whether you’re my client or not — I can’t stand the thought of any couple NOT experiencing a picture-perfect day, I’m sharing all of my resources about wedding planning and my insider know-how right here on the blog to get you started. 

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About Me: My Seriously Unprofessional Cover Letter

Let me just start by saying, it’s not very often that I write a blog post solely for the purpose of expressing myself or telling a story. Honestly, this feels something like a combination of writing a CV for a job application and telling a story to a close friend. So, I guess I’ll start over…



4 Easy Ways to Create A Realistic Wedding Guest List

Let’s Talk About Your Super Unrealistic Wedding Guest List, Shall We?  That’s probably unfair. If we’re being honest, the chances are that you haven’t even made your guest list yet. (Thus the reason you’re here, am I right?)  In theory, making your wedding guest list should be super simple. You and your fiancé just need […]



The 7 Step-by-Step Guide to What To Do After Getting Engaged

So, You’re Engaged. Now what? Here’s the 7 Step Guide to What To Do After Getting Engaged. Let’s be honest: You’ve always dreamed of getting married and having a wedding, but you don’t actually know what to do now that you’ve gotten that (gorgeous) ring. Seriously, it’s not just you! One of the most common […]


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Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About A Crooked River Wedding

Let’s Talk About Everything You Need To Know Before Booking Your Crooked River Wedding, Shall We? So you’re looking to get married in the Appalachian mountains of Southwest Virginia? Well, I couldn’t suggest a more picturesque place to tie the knot! As a longtime Southwest Virginia local, I’m definitely a bit biased when I say […]


Virginia-based, destination-friendly photographer who believes you            have to be a model to get gorgeous wedding photos.

That “I’m excited about my wedding, but terrified I’m going to hate how I look in the photos” feeling? I totally get it. 

But aside from always being able to get the perfect shot despite being in a dark hallway with no natural lighting and capturing the first kiss at the right moment, I’m also an expert at making you feel like a natural in front of the camera so that you love each and every photo. 


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