The 5 Best At Home Engagement Photo Ideas For Your Session

Want to keep it authentic for your engagement session? Here are the best at home engagement photo ideas!

You aren’t the couple that wants to climb a mountain to announce that you’re engaged and you don’t think rocking over-the-top cocktail attire in the middle of a downtown street is your vibe either. You do want to take gorgeous images to share with friends and family though and you’ve decided keeping it candid at home is the best course of action.

Is that crazy? Absolutely not!

At Home Engagement photo ideas are ALL OVER THE PLACE on Pinterest, but I’m here to help you make a plan for your in home lifestyle engagement photos. Shall we get started?

1. Plan an Activity

One of the easiest At Home Engagement Photo Ideas to capture some great candid content of you and your one-and-only is going to be planning an activity that you both love to do. Easy choice? Cooking. Meal prepping together in your cute little kitchen or baking something sweet is such a fun way to start the session and help you both relax. It can feel a little intimidating to have a photographer following you around your house, so cooking is a great way to break the ice!

Other alternatives would be to paint a room in the house (I mean, who doesn’t love a cute paint roller action?), arts and craft together, throw a dance party in the living room, or crack out a good ol’ board game.

2. Feature Your Furry Friends

(No, I’m not talking about your hairy neighbor in the next suite over.) Showcase those fur babies of yours! They’re definitely part of the family and I’m always here for capturing puppy snuggles. I love grabbing photos of you and your pets on the couch together or playing throughout your house. It’s one of my favorite at home engagement photo ideas for sure!

3. Personality Pics

Your home is your haven and getting photos of you in your element is always such a great addition to the engagement photo gallery. Whether you have a record collection 100 albums long, like to do watercolor paintings on the weekends, a room full of bookcases busting at the seams, or you’re a wine somolier in another life–let’s capture it! At home engagement photo ideas are meant to be unique and I’m here for whatever you’ve got in mind.

4. Get Cozy…In The Bedroom!

Okayyyyy, you may not want to send out your save-the-date with a photo of the two of you under the covers (but I’m totally here for it if you do!). It definitely doesn’t have to be feature that new set of lingerie, but just capturing you and your love cozied up on the bed together is special. Other at home engagement photo ideas in the bedroom: Let’s start a pillow fight and get those fur babies involved! Or you can Netflix and chill with popcorn together.

Thinking you’d like to add in a little spice? Let’s do it! I’m all for a pseudo-boudoir session as an at home engagement photo ideas.

5. Showcase Your Neighborhood

Whether you live in a hip downtown metropolitan area or you’re rocking boots at a scenic farm, another easy at home engagement photo idea is to showcase the neighborhood you live in. Walking around together outside for a romantic stroll, taking the doggies on a playful walk, stopping for a cup of joe at the local coffee shop you always visit, or just getting to take some cute photos of the two of you outside your home are always great at home engagement photo ideas to incorporate into your session!

The next step? Choose an engagement photographer!

Finding a lifestyle engagement photographer that knows all of the best at home engagement photo ideas is a must when planning out your session. They’re the person who is going to help the session flow without awkwardness, capture the most flattering images of you cuddled on the couch, and guide you through poses with your pets.

Am I talking about me? Abso-freaking-lutely! I love getting to capture lifestyle engagement photos and wholeheartedly support your decision to do so. I’ll be bringing that champagne pop energy to your house for a little third wheel date night and trying to sneak in time with your fur babies too! Ready to talk more details about your session? Get in touch. I’m always happy to help!

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