Incredible Horse Wedding Photos at White Fork Ranch

Incredible Horse Wedding Photos at White Fork Ranch in Tennessee

White Fork Ranch in Bluff City, TN

White Fork Ranch is an equestrian center located in Bluff City, Tennessee that offers things like equine activities, and they even let you ‘rent’ a horse for your wedding day. How cool is that? Horses in weddings add such a unique touch, and if you’re anything like me, you’re a huge animal lover, especially horses. 

Even if you don’t have a horse of your own, you can incorporate horses into your wedding in such a unique and fun way! Horses add a certain element of elegance and country to a wedding, and let me tell you… wedding photos with horses in them are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen and taken! 

Horses are such beautiful and majestic animals, so why not incorporate them into your horse wedding photos? If you’re a big horse lover like I am and you want horses in your wedding day photos, here are the top ways to do it…

3 Ways to Incorporate Horses into Your Wedding Photos:

1. Father/Daughter Escort into the wedding

One of the most unique ways I’ve seen brides incorporate horses into their wedding is when their father escorts them down the aisle. Not only does this add so much excitement and drama to your entrance, it always makes for the most magical photos! Whether you’re riding the same horse in, or riding separately and holding hands as your dad escorts you to your new hubby, this is a super special and unique way to capture horse wedding photos! 

2. Bridal Portraits

If you’re looking to include either your own horse or a White Fork Ranch horse in your wedding, I always suggest doing bridal portraits with them! Bring them out to your ceremony area and take pictures with them or bring them to an open part of the property and snap some gorgeous bridal portraits with them! This is a unique way to show your love for horses and show off your own beauty! To make it even more special, you can do a ‘first look’ with your horse. Capture their reaction on camera and savor that memory forever!

3. Couple Portraits

Are you and your partner crazy horse parents? Why not show that off to all your wedding guests?! Spend a couple of minutes after the first look or during your cocktail hour to snap some couple shots with your horse! Saddle up and take a quick trip down the beaten path and snap some beautiful horse wedding photos. This is a great way to include your four-legged friend in your horse wedding photos and create a memory that you’ll want to display on your wall forever. 

How Will You Include Your Horse in Your Wedding Photos?

I don’t think there is anything more special than including your horse in your wedding photos. Equestrian weddings are some of my favorites to shoot not only because I get to see and snuggle up to a magestic animal, but because they had so much class and sophistication to wedding photos!

If you are looking for a horse wedding photographer, I’m your girl! Let’s chat today! 


This sweet couple truly went all out with their horse wedding photos! Jordan’s parents are the owners of White Fork Ranch in Bluff City, Tennessee and they wanted to host the wedding at their horse farm. Jordan had been brought an equestrian and absolutely adores all of the horses on the farm. They tied the knot at a spot adjacent to the barn with an 100 year old oak tree as the center of their ceremony site.

The couple decided to share a first look in the forrest, which was absolutely precious. The groom was stunned as he took in his future wife and they took a private moment to share the vows they’d written to each other. We then walked over to the farm and took some horse wedding photos, which included bridal portraits and a couple photos of the two of them before they officially tied the knot!

After their nuptials, they held the reception at the horse barn where a large charcuterie display had been created long with a wide spread of refreshments and beverages. Their guests were encouraged to enjoy themselves and cook s’mores at the fire pit as well as feast on large dinner provided by a local caterer.

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