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Best Bridal Shop in Johnson City | Blue Willow Bridal

The Best Bridal Shop in Johnson City, Tennessee

Johnson City Bridal Shop Highlight

Are you looking for the best bridal shop in Johnson City, Tennessee? I have just the place for you! Over the last eight years as a wedding photographer, I’ve spent quite a lot of time in different bridal shops in the area and checking them out for myself. Finding the perfect wedding gown and the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses are some of the the hardest parts of wedding planning. You obviously want your dress to fit you perfectly and enhance your natural beauty in addition to having an incredible in-store experience as well! So, what’s my #1 choice for the bridal shop in Johnson City?

My answer is Blue Willow Bridal! 

This bridal shop is located in the heart of Johnson City, you can spend the day with your girls getting mimosas and shopping for your wedding dress! Still need some convincing on why this is the best bridal shop in Johnson City and why you should choose it to shop for your wedding day attire? Keep reading! 

3 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Blue Willow Bridal

  • Dress shopping assistance

The thing I love the most about this bridal shop is how dedicated they are to helping you and your groom find your perfect wedding day attire. On the day of your appointment, you will be assigned a consultant who will ask you questions about your style, your preferences, and other things of that nature. They will then take that information and pick out a couple of dress options that they think you will love. Once you try some on and get a better sense of what you want, they will take their time helping you find the perfect dress!

  • Wedding dress selection

If you’re looking for a bridal shop that has gorgeous of wedding dresses to choose from, this is your store! Blue Willow Bridal features a selection of gowns from Lillian West, Justin Alexander, and Stella York. Each designer has a completely different style and you’ll have a wide array of options to choose from for your special day! You’ll be able to find any style in the store and you are guaranteed to find a wedding dress that hugs your curves perfectly or gives you the dramatic flair you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Prestige Experience!

Are you looking for a bridal shop that offers more than just wedding dresses? Lucky for you, Blue Willow Bridal offers the following services:

  • Wedding gowns: choose from your favorite wedding dress designs such as Justin Alexander, Lillian West, or Stella York. With so many options, shapes, and sizes to choose from, you will have a hard time choosing just one gown!
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses: It can be annoying and stressful having to worry about finding another dress shop that sells bridesmaids’ dresses. Blue Willow Bridal makes it easy by offering bridesmaids’ dresses as well. It’s a one-stop shop!
  • Tuxedos & suits: Blue Willow Bridal will also get the man looking fine! They can choose from a wide variety of tuxes or suites to look sharp and dapper for the big day.
  • Gown preservation: my favorite service this bridal shop in Johnson City offers is gown preservation. It sucks buying a dress knowing you will only wear it once and then it will just collect dust in your closet. Blue Willow Bridal actually preserves your dress for you so you can enjoy and share it for the generations to come! 


I always highly recommend Blue Willow Bridal to each of my brides on the search for the picture perfect wedding gown for their special day! Hannah and her team always provide an incredible experience and the dresses are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve photographed so many of the gowns and they are unique and wonderful in their own ways.

The weddings gowns used for the very first Dualité Wedding Photography Workshop were from Blue Willow Bridal and they could not have been more stunning! If you’re looking for a photographer to help you decide which gown would photograph perfectly on your wedding day–get in touch! I’m always happy to discuss wedding photography and dress details!

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