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4 Tips for Stunning Family Photos At The Knoxville Botanical Garden

Stunning Family Photos at the Knoxville Botanical Garden in Knoxville, Tennessee

When it comes to family photos, it isn’t always easy to get the perfect shot. It can be hard getting everyone to be free on the same day at the same time, so some family members may hate getting their picture taken while others don’t mind it or even love getting their picture taken. No matter what the case may be, The Knoxville Botanical Garden is the perfect location to take family photos!

As a photographer, I know when people don’t like their picture taken and I know how difficult it can be to get all your family members in the same place. For all of my family sessions, I make sure to take the perfect shots for your family. You’ll find yourself cherishing the special moments for years to come!

If you’re in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and want Knoxville Botanical Garden family photos, we should chat today! In the meantime, I am going to share a few of my best tips for taking the most amazing family photos. 

Tips For Taking Family Photos at Knoxville Botanical Gardens

1. Have a color palette for outfits

When it comes to family photos, you want to coordinate your outfits. You don’t want someone where a lot of bright colors and crazy patterns, while someone else is wearing basic colors with no patterns or texture. If you coordinate and set a color palette for your family members to follow when getting dressed, your outfits will complement your background and if you’re taking Knoxville Botanical Garden family photos, a neutral color palette with a subtle pop of color is definitely what I recommend! 

2. Act natural

Are you one of those people that naturally tense up when they’re in front of a camera? If you’re taking family photos, it’s easier to act natural since the focus isn’t only on you. Your body language can show exactly how you feel, and I can see that through the lens. When taking family photos at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens, just act natural as if I’m not even taking pictures of you.

3. Use your surroundings to your advantage

The Knoxville Botanical Gardens are so beautiful and featuring a stunning backdrop for your family photos. The gardens feature beautifully kept greenery, bushes, trees, and pops of color to help make you and your family the focus of your photos. Depending on the season you are getting your photos done, you can really use the gardens to your advantage to create stunning family photos. 

4. Choose the right location to take photos

When it comes to family photos, location is everything. You don’t want to just choose a random field you came across one time, you want to choose somewhere special. The Knoxville Botanical Garden has so many different areas where you can take your family photos. Whether it be in their mystical stone buildings, or the open acreage of the property, this location makes for photos you’ll love and cherish forever. 

Are you interested in Knoxville Botanical Garden family photos? Let’s have a chat today! 


If you’re on the search for a Knoxville family photographer to capture gorgeous images of your family to love for a lifetime, I’m your girl! I’ve been photographing families for over seven years now and I adore every minute of it. I strive to create gorgeous heirlooms for your loved ones to cherish for generations to come! Get in touch to discuss family photography and to book your session!

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