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4 Signs That Show You’ll Love A Magnolia Plantation Wedding

Magnolia Plantation Wedding Venue, Charleston South Carolina

Hello, it’s me, your favorite wedding venue shopper, and I’m here today to talk about Magnolia Plantation, a charming wedding venue located in Charleston, South Carolina. Yes, I am first and foremost a wedding photographer (and a great one at that!), but I pride myself on being an expert in all aspects of the wedding planning process. 

So, without further ado, let’s talk about this impressive location and some signs to look out for that suggest you’ll love a Magnolia Plantation wedding. 

1. You’re a sucker for full, lush, romantic backdrops. 

Magnolia Plantation knows that nature cannot, and should not, be tamed. Their gardens are unlike the typical manicured, formal gardens you see at many wedding venues. American history refers to it as romantic-style gardens, with Magnolia Plantation being the last large-scale romantic garden left in the U.S. Instead of adopting form, balance, and symmetry, the three concepts are literally thrown to the wind.

They let the natural flora and fauna of the area command the landscape, essentially giving up control humans normally would enact on such land. The result of this collaboration can be seen with countless overgrowths of camellias, daffodils, azaleas, and other varietals. 

 The owners of Magnolia Plantation say it best: the venue is where “humanity and nature are in harmony”. 

2. You love a good origin story… 

Did you know, the origin of Magnolia Plantation actually began with a wedding? In 1676, an English colonist gave his daughter and new son-in-law 402 acres of land as a wedding present, land that the plantation sits on today. The gardens were developed 200 years later, in the 1840s, and weddings became a mainstay activity just 40 short years later. Since then, hundreds of couples have said their vows at Magnolia Plantation. 

3. …as well as a commitment to righting the wrongs of history. 

But that’s not the entire origin story. Before the gardens, Magnolia was a rice plantation worked by enslaved laborers. They cleared, built, planted, weeded, and harvested the land that would make the owners rich. Without them, there would be no historic gardens, no blooming azaleas and camellias, no plantation house. To put it plainly–the plantation owes its very existence to those who were enslaved to the family. 

Arguably what I love most about Magnolia Plantation is the owners’ dedication to finding out as much as they can about the people who built this place. They work with genealogists, archaeologists, and historians to fulfill their commitment: honoring the men, women, and children who lived and died in servitude of this place. 

4. You want variety in your wedding sets and settings. 

Let’s get into the choices, my darling! First, we have Flowerdale, the oldest garden on the estate, dating all the way back to the 17th century. It’s the only formal garden and is a lovely location for first-look photos. Next, we have the Tropical Conservatory, an enclosed solarium that would make an excellent spot for golden hour, pre-rehearsal dinner photos!

We have the Live Oak Pavilion, an outdoor space covered by 300-year-old live oak trees (a beautiful oak-lined ceremony, anyone?). We also have the Carriage House, a remarkable 19th century stable-turned-event space with jaw-dropping interiors. From there, the Big House Veranda is perfect for getting ready and taking family photos. And we can’t forget the Long White Bridge, the red bridge over Schoolhouse Pond, and the Bridge to the Nook–three bridges that are impeccable for snapping some lovey-dovey photos!

Ready to get married?

I am so excited for you! It’s time to have the most beautiful Magnolia Plantation wedding. Now that you have that covered, it’s time to think about a photographer. Enter me, stage right! I am a seasoned photographer and know exactly how to capture the best moments at your Magnolia Plantation wedding. Looking to learn more about how I can support you on your special day? Let’s connect!


Other things I love about a wedding at The Magnolia Plantation? You’re SO close to the historic Downtown Charleston! Your wedding guests will absolutely love getting to spend a weekend enjoying the colorful buildings, incredible restaurants, and beautiful ocean views! It’s also convenient for day after wedding portraits in the iconic city.

Looking for more information about planning a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina? Look no further! I’m a wedding photographer with over eight years of experience and PLENTY of time spent in the streets of Charleston. Check out these helpful blog posts below:

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