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My Current Obsession: A William Aiken House Wedding

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My current obsession? A William Aiken House wedding!

As an experienced Charleston wedding photographer, becoming obsessed with new venues is a common occurrence. I’m a creative, and when I find a venue that speaks to my creative soul (and offers stunning backdrops for my photos) I must shout it from the rooftops! This is how I feel about William Aiken House. 

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, William Aiken House is home to the most exquisitely preserved 19th century architecture and design. So, let’s get into why it’s currently my biggest wedding venue obsession!

19th century history and sophistication that makes your jaw drop. 

Distinguished as a National Historic Landmark, William Aiken House is a Gothic-style Carriage House with all the fixings. They truly leave nothing out when it comes to venue access. When you choose a William Aiken House wedding, you’re getting access to their private gardens, courtyards, pergola, reflection pool, first and second floor ballrooms, covered piazzas, two formal dining rooms, a drawing room, a gentleman’s study, and two guest suites. What a mouthful! 

This jaw-dropping venue even has a two-century-old magnolia tree draped against manicured lawns and located in the center of a sunny courtyard. 

Interior design that screams historical maximalist. 

It’s hard not to dream about the interiors of this wedding venue. The walls are adorned with museum-caliber artwork, each room features 19th century antiques, and almost every room holds breath-taking crystal chandeliers. No wall or room is left unembellished. You’re truly walking through history when you enter the walls of the home. 

I love how each room has its own personality. We have the deep burgundy walls and drapes of the first formal dining room, the mint green walls of the other formal dining room, the peach drawing room that’s home to an antique harp, and a gentleman’s study with forest green décor. 

Even the hallway with its powder blue walls, embellished ceilings, and preserved wooden stairs is a sight to see. I could go on and on!

A William Aiken House wedding = a wedding with no limits. 

Calling all large-wedding couples. William Aiken House is the venue for you. They gladly welcome up to 500 guests for your special day, with the option of using their array of private gardens and two spacious courtyards. 

Plus, their entire venue is handicap accessible, meaning no one is left out of the festivities. We respect this added touch of care and inclusivity in such a historically preserved venue. 

A decorated wedding venue. 

We love a wedding venue with receipts! William Aiken House has been named the premier wedding venue in South Carolina by not only Martha Stewart Weddings, but also Brides Magazine. Talk about an editorial locale.

Let’s get you booked and busy!

Now that you’ve chosen a William Aiken House wedding (I think you’ve made an excellent choice), it’s time to choose your vendors–including your photographer. I’d love to help capture the moments of the biggest day of your life to date! I’m a well-known and respected photographer in the state, and I’d be honored to be chosen as your trusted photographer. Want to learn more about how I can help capture the wedding of your dreams? Let’s chat today. 


Looking for more reasons to have a William Aiken House wedding? You’ll be in the heart of historic downtown Charleston! The world will be your oyster and you can have your portraits any way you want them. We can take a stroll around the infamous Rainbow Row for your wedding photos and give you the full low country wedding experience!

Other pluses to keep in mind: everything about the William Aiken house is full of charm. You’ll find high ceilings, natural light, and picturesque nooks in just about every part of the Charleston wedding venue. Make sure to set aside plenty of photography time for portraits because you won’t want to miss out on these photo opportunities!

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