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The Top 5 Reasons You Need To Book The Lakehouse Wedding Venue

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The Lakehouse Wedding Venue

As a long-time wedding photographer, I’ve seen wedding venues of all shapes, sizes, styles, and locations. Yet, somehow The Lakehouse weddings are always some of my favorites. This wedding East Tennessee based wedding venue is the perfect mix of understated elegance and modern design that leaves you absolutely breathless. Because it’s becoming such a popular spot for couples, I’ve decided to provide you with everything you need to know about planning a The Lakehouse wedding.

Ready? Me, too! Let’s get started.

1. A “Unicorn” Wedding Venue

Let me start by saying: No, there are no sparkly bedazzled unicorns all over the venue.

When suggesting wedding venues to my couples, I always like to recommend places that are truly unique and well matched. I also love to suggest spots that are up-and-coming too! (I mean, who doesn’t love feeling like trendsetter on their wedding day?!) In addition, I’m always thinking about the photos and what venues have the best amenities for their couples.

So in theory, The Lakehouse wedding venue is a unicorn of a venue. It always makes the list of recommended wedding venues because it truly fits every single bullet point on the list! Scenic? Check! Easy to get to? Double check! Close to fun activities + hotels? Sure thing! Swoon worthy bridal suite? ABSOLUTELY! Classy Groom room? For sure!

Everything about the Bridal cottage (Yes, the ladies have their own HOUSE!) was well thought out for photos. It’s simple, elegant, bright, and cozy for the best getting ready experience possible.

The gentlemen will be dressing up in style as well in a modern & masculine suite featuring black walls, stunning ceiling tiles, and HGTV worthy furniture. No dark basement vibes here!

2. Breathtaking Views

As soon as you step outside the back doors of the reception space, you’re greeted with panoramic views of the lake in the distance. Nestled on top of a hill, The Lakehouse wedding venue is both on the water and far enough from it to make for an incredible backdrop no matter where you are on the property.

Couples can choose to get married on one of the grassy terraces in between the venue and the lake, inside the venue itself, or even down by the water with the view of the lake and mountains beyond as their landscape.

The Lakehouse wedding venue makes for an incredibly stunning wedding day as every single spot on site is picturesque!

3. Ideal Location

Situated on the serene Boone Lake in Johnson City, Tennessee this Johnson City wedding venue is the perfect weekend getaway for your big day! You’ll be close to the Bristol Motor Speedway and iconic State Street, but far enough away to have a ton of privacy for your upcoming nuptials. The Lakehouse wedding venue is perched on a hill overlooking the lake, so although you’re on the water you’ll never have to worry about being flooded out.

Other location perks? You’ll be surrounded by great non-chain restaurants to use for your rehearsal dinner and/or post-wedding brunch! (If you decide not to host those at The Lakehouse wedding venue, of course!)

**FYI: If you’re looking for more images of the spaces at The Lakehouse, you can check out this virtual walkthrough post I created and start envisioning your big day!**

4. One of a Kind On-Site Team

The owners of The Lakehouse wedding venue are truly one of my favorite reasons for suggesting this gorgeous venue. Cassie + Mitch created this wedding venue together and run it with so much heart. As the venue was coming together, it was so fun to listen to Cassie gush about all of the couples she imagined getting married there. Each project they take on is inspired by the weddings to come!

They also make sure that each The Lakehouse wedding runs smoothly. It’s always so fantastic to have an on-site team ready to help out on your wedding day!

5. Endless Photo Ops


I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: Your photos are going to be one of the most important parts of your wedding day. They are the tangible memories you’ll have framed around your home and gathered into an album 50 years from now. Choose a wedding venue that is going to make those memories as picturesque as the way you’ll remember them in your head.

The Lakehouse wedding venue is absolutely stunning and has endless spots for photos of you two together. Whether it’s raining outside, chilly from the winter months, or the hottest day on record–this wedding venue is going to be pretty to photograph.

Take My Word For It!

I know The Lakehouse wedding venue like the back of my hand. With years of experience and clients who have turned into friends, I know I can make your wedding photography dreams come true. Want to learn more about how I can capture all the special moments of the biggest day of your life? Let’s chat today. 

Super secret The Lakehouse Wedding info: Once you book your wedding, you’ll be one of the exclusive club members who can take engagement photos AT THE VENUE. It’s strictly forbidden to anyone else!

Also, ask them about the bourbon burying tradition! It’s always so fun to bury the bottle on-site and unbury it for an added wedding photo opportunity!

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