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4 Reasons Why A Cades Cove Wedding Is The Best Location For Your Intimate Ceremony

4 reasons why a Cades Cove wedding is the best location for your small ceremony: 

All my small wedding hunnies, say, “Hey!” But really, smaller weddings are becoming more and more popular lately, and for good reason. There is a special je ne sais quoi with smaller weddings–they’re more personal and intimate, and they allow the couple to truly enjoy their guests on a deeper level. 

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the Tennessee area, a Cades Cove wedding is truly a must. Here are four reasons why.

A Cades Cove wedding offers rich history for your special day

Cades Cove boasts tons of Tennessee history, offering a historic vibe for your wedding day. Covered in barns, churches, log homes, and outbuildings from the 19th and 20th centuries, this venue will give your wedding day a hint of American history. It even has a grist mill! 

Europeans settled into the valley in the early 1800s and quickly built the buildings mentioned above, plus more. Over the years, North Carolina and Tennessee purchased pieces of the land on Cades Cove, ultimately resulting in the beautiful National Park we see today. Stepping one foot on this land brings you back to a very important time in U.S. history. I love to see this incorporated into a couples’ wedding day!

Tons of ceremony options? Sign us up.

What I love about a Cades Cove wedding is that it has so many ceremony locations from which to choose. Want to get married in a historic church? They have plenty (three churches to be exact). What about getting married outside? Not a problem. The Cades Cove Wildlife Overlook is a stunning setting for your wedding. Would you prefer a twist to your ceremony location? Well, a Cades Cove wedding can surely provide you that with their LeQuire Cemetery Overlook location. Yes, I said cemetery. 

They even offer special requests for other ceremony locations (think historic buildings, galore). That kind of setting flexibility is so great to have because we love options!

The backdrop of your wedding will be breathtaking

I know we’ve talked about the Great Smoky Mountains, but I want to mention them again. Cades Cove is located in the valley of the Great Smokies, making the most captivating backdrop to your wedding–and your wedding photos. 

In the springtime, the mountains are a gorgeous forest green, and oftentimes low clouds nestle next to the mountains. This creates a misty mood for your wedding photos that is difficult to replicate at other venues. The contrast is divine!

Photo ops at every turn

My personal favorite topic: the photo ops. I know I just mentioned the mountains as a stunning backdrop for photos, but truly, a Cades Cove wedding has an infinite amount of backdrops. Peaceful views of the Great Smokies, a lush valley that spans for miles, historic buildings rich with history, serene fields and meadows, peaceful ponds, and thick forests are only a few of the many options for you to use as locations to capture your biggest memories. 

Ready for your next step? Let’s take it!

Now that you have your venue chosen (and a very good one, at that!), it’s time to think about your vendors. I know you have a ton of options when it comes to vendors, especially photographers. With so many options out there, I want to make sure you are getting the best of the best. I’m a Tennessee photographer with several years of experience bringing couples’ photography dreams to reality! I’d love to capture the memories of your big day. If you’d like to learn more about how I can make your Cades Cove wedding unforgettable, let’s chat. 

a young man in a periwinkle colored tux smiles at a bride in a white dress and veil walking down the aisle with an older man in a black suit in Cades Cove
A groom in a periwinkle colored tux and bowtie stands across from a bride in a white dress as they hold hands with a priest behind them reading from a book in the middle of a field with the Smoky mountains in the backdrop
A small wedding ceremony in the middle of a field with a bride and groom in wedding attire standing across from each other in the middle with a lot of the Cades Cove mountains in the background
A woman in a wedding dress holds a bouquet high above her head while holding hands with a groom in a tux smiling straight at the camera in the middle of a field in the smoky mountains

Other things to note about having a Cades Cove Wedding?

Planning a wedding in Cades Cove requires coordination with the National Park Service. Everyone who gets married in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park needs to apply for a Special Use Permit. A $50 non refundable fee is required with the application, and applications must be received at least 14 days prior to the wedding (although I definitely suggest applying much earlier!).

Your photographer will also need to get a permit! Really, any of your commercial wedding services will need authorization as well. Make sure that your wedding service providers have CUAs before you hire them!

It’s always important to do your research when planning your wedding and a Cades Cove wedding is no different! You can look for this information online or just ask your wedding photographer for more info– I’ve got all the details!

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